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## me in 15 seconds
## my research
## my life path
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## me in 15 seconds

I’m enthusiastic, obsessive, spontaneous, and often working on a project.

I study quantum algorithms, I make software, and I love to teach.

I’ve made mistakes, I’ve been hurt and hurt others, and I often feel lost.

What am I doing now? See this page.

If you can, please donate to a cause. Wishing you peace, pride, and wonder.

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## my research

I’m looking for a research job. Here’s my resume.

Broadly, I’m curious about novel quantum algorithms and competitive classical algorithms. I especially like new approaches to studying Hamiltonian simulation and estimation (like QDRIFT and QSVT).

I’m still learning about quantum complexity classes; I enjoy categorization projects like the Complexity Zoo and Quantum Algorithm Zoo.

I am currently trying to extend this paper’s analysis of an approximate MAXCUT algorithm to p = 2, comparing its performance with QAOA.

I am applying to Ph.D programs this fall. (Should I apply to your group? Email me.)

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## my life path

here’s me, saying cheese

🏡 hometown: sunny Sacramento, California

🦅 became an Eagle Scout in 2011

📜 uc berkeley, eng. physics and eecs, class of 2016

🚑 made tools for public health researchers at Palantir

🎸 monitored and improved music data pipelines at Pandora

✍️ now I’m transitioning to quantum computing research

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## web pages on this site


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You can reach me by email. I especially like good questions.

I find life uncomfortable, serene, haunting, and beautiful.